we make COLD technology!

Cold Storage

As a professional manufacturer, SFT is capable of building the complete cold storage solution from an individual cold chamber to an industrial temperature controlled environment.

Modular Cold Rooms

SFT modular cold rooms are developed to satisfy every demanding client that need high-quality standards and fast assembly also in case of cold rooms with different dimensions and temperatures.


Industrial Cold Rooms

With the availability of a wide array of industrial cold rooms, SFT is certain to give dependable solutions for your needs of industrial cold storage. SFT offers nothing but highest quality at each step: design, manufacture and installation.


Ice Storage System

The automatic ice storage container with a raking system has unparalleled advantage than any other kind of ice storage equipment. The automated ice rake container is an integral insulated system for automatic storing of ice, automatic temperature controlling, mechanical conveying and delivering ice.



Components for cold rooms, such as prefab insulated panels, refrigeration units, cold room doors, evaporators, and other necessary parts etc.

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