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2500 Tons Fruit and Vegetable Cold Storage Facilities

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Project Name: 2500 Tons Fruit and Vegetable Cold Storage Facilities for International Agricultural Products Trading Center

Project area: 25x70 meters

Project duration: 35 days

Cold room

The duration of the entire Fruit and Vegetable Cold Storage project was one month. Construction began in November 2011 and was completed by the end of December. The project was located in the International Agricultural Products Trading Center, the fresh-keeping cold room that can store 2,500 tons of vegetables and fruits, with a construction area of ​​1,750 square meters. The entire building adopted a steel structure with five unloading platforms, and all the cold storage doors chose electric sliding doors (1.8x3m). For the storage of different products, we had designed three types of cold storage for this project: low-temperature freezer room for meat products, high-temperature storage rooms, and fruit and vegetable commodity inspection stores. Specific cold storage information is as follows:

1) Low-temperature freezer room: 1 unit

  • Rated storage capacity: 400 tons.
  • Rated room volume: 2000 cubic meters.
  • Rated room temperature: -18°C.
  • Raw product temperature: -8°C.
  • Cooling cycle: 24 hours.

2) High-temperature storage room: 3 units

  • Rated storage capacities: 260, 250, and 360 tons.
  • Rated storage volumes: 2500, 2100, and 2200 cubic meters.
  • Rated room temperature: 0℃.
  • Raw product temperature: 30℃.
  • Cooling cycle: 24 hours.

3) Commodity inspection warehouse

  • Rated storage capacity: 50 tons
  • Rated room volume: 500 cubic meters
  • Rated room temperature: -5°C to + 10°C
  • Raw product temperature: 30°C.
  • Cooling cycle: 24 hours.

Cold storage roomsfruit storage cold roomVegetable Cold Storage RoomCold Rooms

The applied refrigerant for the condensation system was R-404a, and the condenser was an evaporative cooler. The insulation walls were 200mm-thick prefab polyurethane sandwich panels with a length of 9 meters. The evaporators of the cold rooms were stainless steel fans. The safety protection and automatic control system adopted PLC intelligent control, which was divided into five nodes. It adopted PLC centralized control and visualized operation interface.

Project status: The project had been completed at the end of December 2011, and had passed the inspection by the end-user.

The current operation status of the cold rooms: normal

Cold Storage Rooms

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