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Electric Fish De-scaler

An electric fish scaler designed for the efficient removal of fish scales. This fish de-scaler removes scales from all kinds of fish. This fish de-scaling machine is designed for continuous user-friendly use and well protected from spraying water.


The commercial hand-held electric fish scaler is a rotating metal tool that scrapes the scales of a fish.

The metal de-scaling head (spindle) is protected by a metal splash cover, which avoids the spraying of fish scales, prevents user injury and keeps fish in good condition and retains value.  All external parts are waterproof.

The motor is housed in an internally grounded stainless-steel box with an on/off switch, securely insulated and protected from spray. Because it is internally grounded, the SFT fish scaler does not require an external ground. It can be plugged into a wall socket that is grounded or not, and it comes equipped with the proper plug for the destination country.

The cable casing has four layers, two of steel, one of insulation, and one rubber outer cover. The cord is thinner, lighter, and more flexible than any other commercial hand scaler, allowing the operator to work longer without tiring. The cable can be either 150cm or 200cm long. Consider your work setup when ordering.

The SFT fish scaler is capable of continuous use in commercial fishing operations. It’s safe to use and has a long service life. This is the most durable, heavy-duty electrical fish scaler you can find. It is the preferred choice of commercial fisheries all over the world.


  • Stainless-steel construction;
  • Driven by a powerful motor;
  • Durable and flexible drive shaft - 1.5m long;
  • Waterproof sealing on all parts to extend life and utility;
  • Temperature operating requirements within +5⁰C  to +40⁰C;
  • Easily accessible emergency stop button on top of the machine;
  • Safety on/off pedal switch available.

Electric Fish De-scaler

Model: FSR-1000

Net dimension (W x D x H): 260 x 200 x  300mm

Packing dimension (W x D x H): 280 x 270 x  320mm

Net weight/Gross weight: 10kg/13kg

Power: 0.75kw

Operation: manual

Material: stainless steel SUS304


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