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Fish Deheading Machine

The fish head cutting machine accurately and efficiently removes the head, either the tail, of the fish. The fish head cutting machine is working with around 60 fish per minute. Species handling capabilities include mackerel, herring, horse mackerel, blue whiting, and similar species. The fish heading machine FPM-618 can also be configured to process smaller fish, such as sardines, and pacific saury. The fish heading machine FPM-618 is made from all non-corrosive materials.


SFT can supply different types of machines for de-heading fish. The distinct advantage of these fish de-heading machines is that their design is focused on optimal yield to guarantee our clients get the best result possible out of their machines.

All of our automatic fish head cutting machines make a straight/oblique cutting in the fish to ensure a good yield. The machines are available in particular designs to accommodate various fish species. If you want to use the same machine for various fish species, you are suggested to contact us for the solution.

The fish de-heading machine FPM-618 can be used as a single module, either can be connected to the fish filleting machine FPM-328 to work as an automatic processing line. The fish head cutter machine can convey the fish directly in the in-feed for the fish filleting machine FPM-328 without any manual handling.


  • The machine is developed to cut off the head for different types of fish.
  • The machine is mobile and easily integrated into the fish processing lines.
  • The geometric shape of the conveyor allows you to fix the fish well during the cutting of the head, which ensures a good and smooth cut.
  • The machine is made of stainless steel. All materials are not subject to corrosion.
  • The position of the fish when cutting off its head is regulated depending on its size and adjusted to each breed.

Standard equipment:

  • De-heading with rotating knife
  • Tail cutting with rotating knife
  • Works with the filleting machine FPM-328
  • Chutes for offal

Model: FPM-618

Power Supply: triphase/50Hz or 60Hz

Power: 1.1 kW

Materials: stainless steel SUS304

Processing capacity: 60 fishes/minute

Measurements (W x D x H): 2500 x 650 x 1200mm

Weight: 130 kgs


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