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Flake Ice Plant

The stationary flake ice plants, characterized as large ice production capacity, handle all activities of ice production, ice storage, and ice transportation. All SFT stationary flake ice plants are produced according to customer specifications and requirements. The stationary flake ice plants that integrated into the existing environment often built in a separate building that fits into the surrounding architecture.


The stationary flake ice plants are turnkey projects, prefabricated and installed in an existing environment, available with ice production capacities from 20 to hundreds of tons of flake ice per day per unit. SFT stationary flake ice plants are the perfect solution for providing ice to and cooling various industrial processes, such as concrete cooling, chemical industry, to cooling fish and other foods.

SFT relies on innovative designs and reliable refrigerants to guarantee an efficient operation for each Flake Ice Plants. All SFT Flake Ice Plants are equipped with ice machines that have non-rotating drums to avoid the risk of refrigerant leakage at the shaft seals. Special ice scraper knives mechanically remove the ice on the interior wall of the ice machine. All stationary Flake Ice Plants are prefabricated in our manufactory and only have to be commissioned on-site.

The stationary flake ice plant is a complete installation of the following equipment or systems:

  • Thermal energy storage for chilled water (optional);
  • Water chiller or water chilling system (optional);
  • Flake ice making machine;
  • Refrigeration system (Ammonia system or Freon system);
  • Cold room for ice storage;
  • Ice delivery system;

Refrigeration system – Ammonia or Freon

In the refrigeration industry, there is always the debate of whether to choose ammonia refrigerant or one of the "Freon" refrigerants. For more details about the ammonia refrigerant and the Freon refrigerant, please read at this page. They may have their own points of view from the aspects of the refrigeration efficiency, environment and safety, no matter which type of refrigeration system you choose, SFT has the capabilities to build the stationary ice plants on the basis of ammonia refrigeration or Freon refrigeration system.


  • Cooling.
  • Food preservation.
  • Fresh keeping for aquatic products.
  • Ice factory on the quays and docks.
  • Ready-mix and concrete cooling
  • Construction





Ice Storage


FK Series

20~300 tons



20~300 tons


Most of the turnkey ice plants are custom designed and built.

Notes (*):

1. All the nominal production capacity is estimated under the dry bulb temperature at 35℃ and inlet water temperature at 25℃.

2. Condenser: A=Air-cooed, E=Evaporative cooling, W=Water-cooled (default setting).


Apart from the supplying of different systems, we also offer a whole service line that includes the designing, manufacturing, engineering, assembling, commissioning, training and all-around aftersales services. And we also can help you with the feasibility study on building a complete flake ice factory.

For more info of building up a turnkey flake ice plant, please contact us for the project proposal.



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