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We have been the industry pioneer in the design and manufacturing of the complete production range of individual ice making machines for all purposes.

Block Ice Machines

The block ice is a type of solid ice in shape of rectangular, square or cylinder. The ice block can be milky white, total transparent or colored. The block ice is versatile for different purposes, such as pelagic fishing, fresh keeping, temperature controlling and ice sculpture.

Cube Ice Machines

The cube ice is transparent solid ice in shape of square dice with the standard dimension of 22x22x22mm, or 29x29x22mm, or 34x34x22mm. The cube ice is odorless and has a good looking, it's premium beverage companion. We have a big production range to fit in every business, no matter it's big or small.

Flake Ice Machines

The flake ice is made from fresh water or sea water. It is an irregular scaly piece of ice with a diameter between 12 mm and 40 mm and a thickness between 1.5 and 2.5 mm. The ice flakes have a large contact area with no sharp angles, which will not damage the outer surface of the object to be cooled. The flake ice is often used to preserve fresh and perishable foods such as aquatic foods, vegetables and fruits. The flake ice has a fast cooling rate and should be used directly for mixing the objects, and is mostly used for industrial construction projects that require concrete cooling.

Liquid Ice Machines

The liquid ice, also called slurry ice, is the kind of ice that made up of millions of ice micro-crystals which are very small. These tiny ice crystals can form a suspension in seawater in any required concentration. Because of this feature, the liquid ice creates a higher heat transfer area, which results in faster cooling. The ice's semi-liquid state allows it to flow, work fast and efficiently chill the product inside and out.

Plate Ice Machines

The plate ice is a type of irregular transparent solid thick sheet ice made from fresh water. The normal ice thickness is between 10mm and 15mm. With the dominant advantage of substantial cooling effect, rapid cooling speed and good fluidity, the plate ice is vastly applied in the fields of commercial cooling, industrial cooling and fishery.

Tube Ice Machines

The tube ice is a type of regular cylindrical ice with a hollow heart. We have four dimensions of external diameters, ø22, ø25, ø29 and ø35mm, with depth of 25~42mm. The crystal clear ice is quite stylish and attractive, brings a unique flavor to consumption and entertainment.

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