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Cold storage room of 20000 square meter

This project was a turnkey project of cold storage built by our company for a well-known food processing plant in 2014. The whole cold storage project covered a total area of 20000 square meters, which was divided into two sectors: cold storage and freezing. The entire project included 20 cold rooms, of which fifteen rooms for cold storage and the other five rooms for cold chain logistics. According to the customer's demand for different temperature requirements, the temperature zones were designed for -18℃, 0℃, 2~4℃, 8℃, and 12℃, etc. After completion, it could meet the whole range of cold chain demand, such as low-temperature production and processing, low-temperature storage of raw materials, curing, pre-cooling, cold storage, sorting and packaging, and cold chain distribution. The whole project was designed, constructed, and installed by our company. In April 2017, the entire turnkey project was accepted by the customer and put into use.


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