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Applications-Concrete Cooling

Concrete Cooling

Temperature-controlled concrete is required for most mass pour concrete projects, such as office buildings, expressways, bridges, water dams and nuclear power plants. However, the chemical composition of cement in concrete is such that heat is released when mixed with water. When concrete cures at temperatures above 21℃, the concrete are about to lose the strength, have more cracks, and increase water demand. This excess heat needs to be suppressed, usually with ice, to minimize cracks and promote curing. Concrete is cooled to reduce heat which can compromise the strength and integrity of a structure. Concrete that is kept at the proper temperature will support structurally sound projects and eliminate costly downtime. Concrete can be cooled using a variety of methods. Flake ice, or a mixture of flake ice and water, is the ideal choice because of its versatility, low cost, and its ability to remove heat quickly. SFT offers an array of refrigeration systems that allow for precise temperature control during concrete batching.

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