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Applications-Dairy Industry

Dairy Industry

Temperature control in the dairy industry is essential to ensuring a quality product while minimizing waste. Milk chillers remove heat at critical points in the production process such as pasteurization. Pasteurization eliminates harmful bacteria and allows milk to be stored longer, but raises the temperature as high as 100℃ to prevent bacteria from reproducing. The pasteurized milk then requires rapid cooling to avoid damage to the product. There are several solutions to control temperatures in the dairy industry, from process chillers to refrigerated storage tanks for milk. Too much heat spoils the milk and ruins cheeses; too little heat prevents optimum pasteurization. Dairy chillers make all the difference in controlling heat. Dairy chillers with ice storage provide the cooling needs of a modern dairy processing plant. The most significant, operational advantage of the dairy chiller with ice storage in the dairy processing industry is your ability to continue to operate.

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