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Complete Guide of Building A Block Ice Plant (Part I)

2019-10-09 06:52:53


Are you about to start an ice block making business? If the answer is positive, here is a complete guide of building a block ice plant, which we wish it can be helpful to you for starting the ice-making business.

Okay, so we have considered all the conditions and requirements for starting a block ice-making business. We also took it further by analyzing and drafting a template of ice block making business, which backed up by executable marketing ideas for ice block production businesses. Let’s proceed to the section of business planning.

Why start a business of making ice blocks?

Africa has a large population that is faced with electricity supply problems which have forced many people to use ice blocks to preserve their perishable products and their food. Their demands for ice blocks, not only from households but also from caterers and traders, have created a business opportunity.

Aside from the problems of electricity supply, a large part of Africa lies on the earth’s equator within the tropical climate region, which makes for these regions to receive the most of heat than other regions in the world. This hot climate is also another reason why people often need to take something cold in order to not only rehydrate their bodies but also feel refreshed as well.

The big block ice has many critical applications as well, such as cooling, fresh-keeping for aquatic and perishable products, food preservation, distance transportation, particular areas of cooling, and in the chemical processing industry.

If you, therefore, intend to start the ice-making business, you must be aware of these facts and know how best to use them to your advantage in order to get a considerable share of your target market. At first, you will need to have a business plan that guides you through the launching of the ice-making business.


Business Plan

A business plan will lead you to undertake a feasibility study of the business you intend to launch and will allow anyone whom you expect to invite for investment purposes, to take you seriously. Below is a sample business plan for launching an ice-making plant for you. You may read it by following the article sequence, or you may directly go to the specific page by clicking the word links below.

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