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Complete Guide of Building A Block Ice Plant (Part II)

2019-10-09 06:53:37


A Sample Business Plan of Launching an Ice-making Plant

Business Overview

The terrible power supply situation in Africa means that in many countries, less than 20 percent of the population has access to the main power grid; this situation is not any better in the rural areas, as less than five percent of the population in these areas have access to the main power grid. The terrible electricity situation is one of the main reasons why the ice distribution business is booming and has become a profitable business for entrepreneurs that are willing to go into it.

The cost of manufacturing ice requires ice making machines, electricity, water, and miscellaneous items. A block ice of 10kg will be able to preserve drinks for at most two days for a family’s domestic needs, while it will help a drink vendor quickly sell off his or her stock without having to buy ice for at least two days.

A  good ice-making machine that is of small size can produce 20 blocks in six hours and can harvest three production cycles a day, and with average prices of those ice blocks at $100 in the southwestern states, one can easily turn a tidy profit monthly.

Anyone going into this business can pick a niche of ice blocks he or she intends to go into or go into all at once depending on the capacity. Several types of ice that can be produced include ice tube, ice block, ice cube, and scaled ice.

This business is a very hygienic one and due to that it is necessary that one source for clean water that is drinkable, such as water that is filtered, purified, distilled, bottled or from natural springs. Asides water, the equipment to be used is also essential for the business growth.

Executive Summary

Before starting our business, we need to secure all the necessary permits and licensing from the local administration.

We are in business to provide various services to all our customers. This means that we will involve in wholesale, retail, distribution of ice, cooling services, ice-making equipment, and even help in maintaining or repairing their machines for various customers.  Our vision is to ensure that we are renowned for our multiple services and to be the preferred brands of many.

We intend to operate a transparent business that is ethics inclined, and that’s because we are customer-centric as we place a high value on our customers and are ready to go the extra mile to ensure that our customers’ expectations are not only met but exceeded. We intend to treat all our loyal customers well by ensuring that we offer them discounts during certain times and periods, this will allow them to remain loyal to us and also help refer others to us as well.

We intend to build a solid business structure and are willing to go the extra mile in ensuring that we get only competent and hardworking staff to work in our company. We have laid down procedures and structures; therefore, only those who align with our vision and philosophy and understand how to take our business from where we are to where we intend it to be, will be chosen to work for our company. We will ensure that we inculcate the habit of best practices amongst our employees.

Also, to keep our employees happy and productive, we intend to ensure that we not only create an environment that is conducive for them but that we will pay them well and also ensure that they have great welfare packages better than what their counterparts in similar start-ups such as ours are having. Our facility is one that is also easily accessible for our employees and is one that will not be inconvenient for them to get to every morning.

Finally, Glacier ice factory is wholly owned and managed by Mr. Samuel Adeyo who has more than ten years experience in the ice distribution business and will bring his business expertise to bear. Mr. Adeyo’s wealth of experience will also ensure that we attain the heights we intend to and that we can compete favorably against our competitors.

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