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Complete Guide of Building A Block Ice Plant (Part III)

2019-10-09 06:54:20


Our Products and Services

Glacier ice factory is a standard business that is fully registered to not only make a profit but to close the gap created by the lack of electricity supply which the local administration hasn’t been able to solve.

We will be retailing and distributing ice and also selling wholesale and also perform other services to have multiple sources of income. We have a solid bottom line that will boost and sustain our business. The products and services that we will offer to our customers are;

  • Wholesale and retail of ice at all sizes;
  • Refrigeration services;
  • Sale of ice-making equipment;
  • Maintain the ice machines and refrigeration systems;
  • Advisory services;

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that we fill in the gap left by the lack of power supply and ensure that we are always capable of meeting the demands of our customers.

Our Mission

In order for us to achieve our vision, we will ensure that we have quality ice-making equipment and also employ capable workers that will allow us not only meet the expectations of our clients but create differentiation of our business from that of our competitors.

Our Business Structure

We at Glacier ice factory are set to become a leading ice-making business here as well as all around its environments. In order to achieve this, we must build a solid business structure that will allow us to start and run our business with as few hitches as possible and also allow us to achieve our goals and objectives.

In order to build a workforce for our business, we are focusing on those who understand customer excellence and also the vision that we represent as a company. Those we will employ must know how to work efficiently and how ice businesses work so that they can help build our business from scratch.

Because we will be running an ice-making business that will not be the ordinary type that others are running, we will employ more labours to our business that will be given differentiated positions and tasks. That means we will not only hire salespersons to do the sales work, we will need engineers with mechanical knowledge that know how to identify genuine ice-making equipment but also can repair and maintain them as well.

Therefore, the Glacier ice factory will hire the following people to bear different responsibilities from various tasks;

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Human Resource and Admin Manager
  • Store manager
  • Accountant/Cashier
  • Engineer manager
  • Front Desk Clerk
  • Driver
  • Marketing and Salesperson
  • Cleaner
  • Security Guard

Roles and Responsibilities

Chief Executive Officer

  • In charge of drafting the organization’s vision, policies, and directions and ensuring its effective implementation;
  • Responsible for creating the organizational budget;
  • Meets and negotiates with high-level clients to secure deals;
  • Provides counselling, coaching and also disciplining of key staffs all in a bid to achieve organizational goals;

Human Resource and Admin Manager

  • In charge of selecting, recruiting, and carrying out the orientation of new employees in order to get them attuned to the organization;
  • In charge of employee’s welfare and other incentives;
  • Make sure the smooth operation of the corporate administration;

Store manager

  • Interacts with customers and ensuring that they make a purchase;
  • Ensures the ice supply is meeting the requirements of the management;
  • Manages the store and inspect the operation.


  • Prepares financial reports, statements, and budgets for the organization;
  • Monitors cash flows and ensures that they are well documented;
  • Develops financial policies and also administers payroll.

Engineer manager

  • Carries out repairs and maintenance services on the refrigeration systems;
  • Repairs ice machines for clients;
  • Ensures the whole ice plant is running in functional status.

Front Desk Clerk

  • In charge of attending to orders and inquires orders from clients;
  • Handle clients’ complaints;
  • Manage client’s records and database.


  • Drives and maintains the company’s delivery vehicles;
  • Ensures accurate ice delivery to destinations;
  • Drives safely at all times and obeys all traffic regulations.

Marketing and Sales Team

  • Conducts a market survey to determine new target markets for the organization;
  • Drafts an effective marketing strategy to bring in revenue for the organization;
  • Carries one-on-one marketing and achieve sales revenue on behalf of the organization.


  • Cleans the premises and ensures that it is kept clean at all times;
  • Ensures that the cleaning supplies are always in stock;
  • Carries out other duties as might be determined by the human resources manager.


  • Ensures that the facility and outside premises are secured at all times;
  • Gives security tips to staffs of the organization from time to time;
  • Handles any other duties as might be assigned by the human resources manager.
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