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Complete Guide of Building A Block Ice Plant (Part V)

2019-10-09 06:56:12



Marketing is crucial for our business because not only will we generate the needed revenue that will sustain and grow our company, but it will also give us an opportunity to promote our company well. That’s why we created a marketing budget to cater to all the efforts that it will take to bring in more customers.

We also intend to ensure that we draft a sales and marketing strategy that will let us penetrate the target market and gain a considerable share of the market. It takes time to build a loyal database of customers, and we are fully prepared to do so in less time than it normally takes since we intend to apply conventional and unconventional methods in getting the customers for our business.

Besides our core service, we would be offering complimentary services as well, which are refrigeration services and maintenance and repairs of ice machines or assistance in purchasing new ice machines for our customers. We have enabled our marketing and sales team to outline the necessary strategies that will attain our company’s sales goals and objectives.

Therefore, we have applied the following strategies to not only attract customers but make sure that they become loyal to us. The strategy of marketing and sales that we intend to apply to the Glacier ice factory are:

  • Ensure that we introduce our ice-making business to vendors, caterers, and all the other stakeholders in the business here.
  • Throw a party to launch our ice-making business to gain the attention of the market and increase awareness for our business.
  • Run commercials in local newspapers and the top three popular radio and television stations.
  • Use our social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as our official website to market our business.
  • Distribute attractive handbills in target locations and paste some at bus stops
  • Place flexible banners around strategic places and its surroundings.

Sources of Income

Glacier ice factory is a business that has been established to make a profit in the ice retail sector, and we will do all we can to ensure that we offer enough products that will generate enough revenue to boost and grow our bottom line as a company.

Therefore, Glacier ice factory will, thus, generate income by offering the following products and services;

  • Wholesale and retail of ice of all sizes;
  • Refrigeration services;
  • Sale of ice machines;
  • Repair ice machines;
  • Advisory services;

Sales Forecast

We found that there would always be a demand for cold drinks and ice in the market, which means there will always be a demand for our products that will then translate into revenue generation for our business.

Our strategic position has us well-positioned to take over a huge part of the target market and allow us to meet our set target in order to generate sufficient revenue and even turn over a profit within the first year of business.

However, it should be pointed out that our sales projections were made after a critical evaluation of the industry as we needed to analyze our opportunities and know-how we were likely to fare in this business. The sales projections were gotten based on the information and accurate data gleaned from similar start-ups.

Therefore, below are the sales projections that were conducted for Glacier ice factory depending on several assumptions and available data during the stated period;

First Fiscal Year-: N980,000

Second Fiscal Year-: N1,600,000

Third Fiscal Year-: N3,000,000

Notes: The above evaluations were conducted on the basis of what is obtainable in the industry as well as on certain projections, such as no competitor providing the same services arriving during the stated period, the same state of lack of power supply and the downturn of the economy. It should be noted that should any of these factors change; there would be an increase or decrease in the figures projected above.

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